Strong enough
13 February 2016 • 12:52 PM
Unexpected things;

[Maaf atas kesalahan grammar dan sebagainya.]

Bila semester break, students balik kampung. Cuti. Menghabiskan sisa-sisa cuti at home.
Some of them ada yang habiskan masa travel with friends and family members and others.

Same goes to this girl,
She went home for her semester break, doing girl stuff with her siblings because her siblings semua perempuan. And one day, she went to shopping mall with her sisters. She said to her sister that she's craving for some spaghetti at Pizza Hut. While waiting for the spaghetti, a small group of boys passing through her. Suddenly, one of them came to her, and talked to the girl. He asked the girl like he's know her. Oh ya now she's remembered. He was the guy that work at fos and he also was a friend to her school mate. They don't talk to much because the girl felt awkward. Then, that guy left. Before he left, he asked the girl for her number but the girl refused to give. So he asked for her id for some social apps and this time she give it to him.

End of the semester break, the girl went back to her college. Do the same thing over and over again. Assignment, presentation, project. Know what? She was decided to approve friend request from the guy that she had met before. Days by days, they became friends. And lama-kelamaan they became closer. Who knows the guy that you never expect to have anything to do with you become a large part of your life. Same goes to this girl. By knowing him, she can feel the love. 
Happiness. Sadness. Sweetness of love. Excited about all things.
He even introduced her to his family, friends. Oh yes that was the best part. She can feel the effort that he put on the relationship. The way that he appreciated her.

Dalam sesuatu hubungan, akan ada masalah yang kita tak expect langsung akan terjadi. But some how, we have to fight. We have to be strong enough to find out the way. Dan saya sendiri pernah menghadapi  masalah yang sama. I just have to stay strong no matter what. I have to fight as long as I can because I don't want to lose now. Not now. I'm not ready.

You’ll never love yourself. Half as much as I love you. I'm in love with you and all these little things.
-One Direction-


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